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Branded Environment, Print Collateral


Tennessee State University (TSU) is a public university located in Nashville, Tennessee. Established in 1912, TSU is a historically black university and is the only state-funded historically black university in Tennessee. TSU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, emphasizing research, community engagement, and student success.


The outcomes of our efforts were significant and impactful. The rebranded basketball court garnered widespread attention and admiration, leading to an increase in endorsements and television coverage. The "Salute to Greatness" event, honoring NFL players from TSU, was particularly successful, raising over $50,000 and further supporting the university's mission and initiatives. Overall, our collaboration with Tennessee State University resulted in heightened brand visibility, increased community engagement, and meaningful contributions to the university's success and legacy.


Our team undertook a comprehensive rebranding initiative for Tennessee State University, focusing on enhancing the university's brand presence and engagement with the community. One of the key projects included rebranding the basketball court, creating a visually striking and memorable space for athletes and fans alike. Additionally, we organized and executed events that celebrated the achievements of NFL players who graduated from Tennessee State University, creating opportunities for engagement and networking among attendees.

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