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Who We Are

In the dynamic landscape of today's digital era, our digital marketing agency stands as a beacon of innovation and strategic prowess. With a mission to propel brands to unparalleled heights, we bring a comprehensive suite of services that redefine the online presence and market positioning of our clients. At the heart of our agency is a commitment to leveraging the power of digital platforms to drive engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty. From the meticulous planning of strategic campaigns to the creative execution of visually compelling content, we specialize in crafting digital experiences that resonate with target audiences. Our team of seasoned professionals includes experts in diverse domains, including social media management, content marketing, and data analytics. With a finger on the pulse of evolving digital trends, we ensure our clients stay ahead in the digital realm. Transparency, collaboration, and measurable results are the cornerstones of our approach, empowering clients to make informed decisions and witness the tangible impact of their digital strategies. Join us, and let's embark on a digital journey that transforms your brand presence, engages your audience, and unlocks the full potential of your digital marketing initiatives.

Hathor Firm is definitely is one of the hardest working designers we have ever worked with . Through the years (8), this company continues to deliver us high quality art work in a very timely manner. We would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs any type of art work done for their business .

Keenan Lewis


Hathor Firm was founded by Sasha Nicole Murphy to help start-ups and small-medium size businesses reach their full potential. She has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in marketing. Having worked in the marketing and advertising industry for ten years, Sasha has tremendous experience in digital marketing, graphic design, social media marketing, branding, and marketing research. As a digital marketing strategist, she takes pride in helping start-ups, and small to medium size brands reach their full potential.

Our Founder

My Journey


In 2013, in high school, I embarked on my journey into the world of graphic design. It all began with a simple yet impactful endeavor: creating t-shirt designs for my school's basketball team. This initial foray into design ignited my passion for creativity and visual communication, laying the groundwork for my future endeavors in marketing and branding.


Fast forward to 2015, where I joined WTST, TSU's esteemed radio station, and took on the role of marketing manager. This pivotal opportunity allowed me to immerse myself in the world of radio marketing, where I spearheaded initiatives to enhance brand visibility, organize events, and orchestrate marketing campaigns aimed at attracting listeners and event attendees. Notable projects included crafting compelling content for concerts featuring renowned artists such as Young Dolph, Young Thug, Dej Loaf, and Future.


In 2017, I reached a significant milestone in my academic journey by graduating from TSU with a bachelor's degree in marketing. This accomplishment not only solidified my foundational knowledge in marketing principles but also equipped me with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in the competitive marketing landscape. My time at TSU was marked by invaluable learning experiences, diverse projects, and collaborative ventures that shaped my approach to marketing.


Building upon my academic foundation, I pursued further education and obtained a master's degree in marketing in 2019. This advanced degree not only honed my analytical abilities and strategic thinking but also provided me with invaluable insights into emerging trends and innovative marketing strategies. Armed with this newfound knowledge, I embarked on a journey of continuous growth and adaptation, ready to tackle the dynamic challenges of the marketing industry.


Today, I stand at the intersection of passion and purpose, leveraging my expertise in marketing to empower businesses and individuals to achieve their goals. As the founder of a thriving podcast and marketing agency, I am dedicated to helping businesses grow in today's competitive landscape. With a focus on strategic insights, creative solutions, and unparalleled dedication, I am committed to making a meaningful impact and driving success for my clients.

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