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Tangela Mathis




Website, Market Research, Naming, Print Collateral, Packaging, Logo Design, Music Video


This case study shows how we helped an emerging artist gain recognition and build their brand through branding, music video production, merchandise, paid ads, content creation, and social media campaigns. By providing strategic support, the agency helped this artist establish a strong online presence, build a fan base, and achieve success in her career, resulting in increased streaming numbers, sold-out shows, and growth in her career.


Our efforts paid off in a major way - warm video views skyrocketed by 345%, the "Dirty" video racked up a 200% increase in views, and merchandise sales exploded by an astonishing 2921%. But the real measure of success came with a 200% jump in booked shows, allowing the artist to take their talents to bigger stages in front of larger audiences. This case study demonstrates our ability to craft holistic marketing campaigns that elevate artists, ignite fan engagement, and drive tangible career growth.


We took an emerging musical talent and helped propel them into the spotlight through a comprehensive marketing strategy. By artfully blending branding, music video production, merchandise design, paid advertising campaigns, engaging content creation, and robust social media promotion, we amplified this artist's reach and resonance.

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